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Wraith Squadron: Star Wars (X-Wing)

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Wraith Squadron: Star Wars (X-Wing)

The ship was extensively modified from a stock configuration corvette, with the luxury quarters removed and the bow hold expanded to accommodate starfighters. When asked about the third stage of his plan, Antilles replied that it was to find Zsinj and blow him up.

Wraith Squadron: Star Wars Legends (X-Wing)

As Repness was still serving as a training officer, Phanan figured that he was still employing the same tactics to sell New Republic military property on the black market. After some quick analysis and deduction by the squadron, the pilots determined that the transmission was originating from the Implacable. However, her own loyalties to Zsinj remained secret and she discreetly notified the warlord of her placement in Wraith Squadron.

She denounced him as an impostor—Thaal had already finished his transformation into Biolan and was wearing eye lenses and makeup to still appear as General Thaal.

Under fire, the stormtroopers charged the two Wraiths on the roof, and Notsil and Targon were forced to withdraw. However, in order to trap Zsinj, Solo needed one more asset, something to prevent the warlord from escaping. Their mission complete, the Wraiths extracted in a large delivery speeder [3]. Jesmin Ackbar had recorded the earlier transmission from Loran that showed the security code sequence being entered, allowing them to bypass the alarm.

They landed and debarked on Storinal without incident and then split up into their respective roles. Dan Cragg and David Sherman. Tainer described her as " Qatya " and gave a vivid description of her killing a Wookiee unarmed.

The two X-wings, flown by saBinring and Antilles, took to the skies and strafed the base, destroying several starfighters, a shuttle, and the on-base entrance to the mines. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Although Repness carried a device that was supposed to block anyone monitoring their conversation, he did not know that Notsil had already broken into his quarters and altered his device to record the conversation instead.

The Wraith leader told Antilles that he felt the situation had merited caution, and Antilles replied that while he could have handled matters in a better way, it was now his job to keep his unit functional.

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The first team, led by Ekwesh and containing Tainer, Sarkin, and Nelprin, postulated that Zsinj was relying heavily on a network of friendly planetary governors and undercover businesses, so Ekwesh proposed provoking problems for one of the governors that only Zsinj could deal with, leading the warlord into a trap. Real-world articles X-Wing novels.

Returning to the ruined spacescraper where Shesh was, Mara Jade Skywalker prepared to take Shesh into custody when an injured Yuuzhan Vong warrior who knew Shesh named Denua Ku emerged and prepared to attack Shesh with razor bugs.

She professed her loyalty to the Wraiths, stating that she would never betray her unit. The Wraiths were in position to execute their plan to flush and expose Thaal.

Wraith Squadron

Cover artist Paul Youll. In short, the Hawk-bats had fulfilled their purpose. As the X-wings roared through the skies of Todirium, they were opposed by a group of Ultra-Light Assault Vehicles. Initially, the jammer seemed to have little effect, until Jaina Solo realized that a second yammosk was present.

When the Imperials flew over, they would activate their fighters and ambush them.

X-Wing Rogue Squadron comic series, and serves as an informal epilogue to some of the plotlines from that series. However, Antilles did attach the caveat that Notsil had to be good enough to serve in one of his squadrons.

Wraith Squadron: Star Wars (X-Wing)

In order to delay their pursuit, Drayson then decided to debark the speeder and provide diversionary fire on their pursuit.

Assembling an impromptu Jedi disguise, he confronted the Aqualish and slew him after using a thrown toy lightsaber as a distraction. In order to substantiate his tale, Loran presented Teradoc with a statuette constructed by Tainer that was built out of gemstones, allegedly from the hoard. Once the refueling tanker was away, the Wraiths on board would escape in the Narra.

Each member had a specific skill set that they brought to the unit, ranging from sniper skills, to intrusion, to slicing, to medical expertise. While the negotiations would be completely unofficial, Rogriss offered to share Imperial data on Zsinj with the New Republic in exchange for their own information on Zsinj.

They also stole at least two more TIE fighters during this time. The Wraiths were again present at the Second Battle of Obroa-skai , flying secret snoopships that were faster than any Yuuzhan Vong vessel.

Main Page Articles Content A-Z Article index Browse articles by category. Speed is X-wing or better; sensor profiles suggest X-wings. Rogriss requested to meet with Antilles, but Solo refused to let him go, saying he was too likely a target for assassination.

Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston, read by Marc Thompson

The Wraiths Commander Wedge Antilles Human male from Corellia Wraith Eleven: Lieutenant Wes Janson Human male from Taanab Wraith Nine: Also, Atril Tabanne, the ranking officer from the reduced crew complement of Night Caller , received a promotion to captain and command of Night Caller.

After the Wraiths jammed the second war coordinator, the Yuuzhan Vong forces lost the synchronization they had enjoyed, allowing the New Republic to win the battle. In 19 ABY, saBinring was inserted into an Imperial garrison protecting the Mulvar Sensor Station.

Maddeus asked Loran to investigate the allegations unofficially, supplying him with a yacht , Quarren Eye. Ad blocker interference detected! They also found that both Passik and Nelprin were already accomplished pilots. Loran, Tainer, and Passik would take the Narra and meet Zsinj, while Notsil and Donos flew their X-wings to Aldivy for a meeting with her brother.