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Secret Wars

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The multiverse has collapsed. Only two realities remain. Now the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe will collide. The heroes of each Earth will fight to save their homes. And they will fail. But out of nothing will come an incredible patchwork planet formed from the remnants of lost worlds. Realms filled with faces you know, only different.

A place of strict borders, where law and order is maintained by an army of Thors, and sinners are thrown to the...

Absorbing Man , Doctor Doom , Doctor Octopus , Enchantress , Kang the Conqueror , Klaw , Lizard , Molecule Man , Titania , Ultron , Volcana , The Wrecking Crew. Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. The hammer of the Thor from Higher Avalon started glowing, meaning he was being called for battle.

Secret Wars (1984)

Owen questioned them if they had brought him something to eat, and Miles gave him a burger he had had in his pocket. Just So We Can Pull Them Down.

The Thor Corps are a police force under the command of their God, Doctor Doom. Архивировано 15 августа года. Secret Wars 2 Putri Variant Textless.

Secret Wars

Explore Wikis Midnight Texas. Games Movies TV Wikis. Fan Feed More Marvel Database 1 Adam Warlock Earth 2 Peter Quill Earth 3 Jessica Jones Earth Его броня должна быть более современной и технически усовершенствованной, как и у Железного человека.

Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images Forum. Secret Wars , Volume 1. On one side of the Multiverse, Doctor Doom , Doctor Strange , and the Molecule Man were confronting the Beyonders.

After being found guilty of allying himself with King Hyperion , the Baron of Utopolis, Sinister demanded his right of meeting his accuser in the arena. Secret Wars 8 Bianchi Connecting Variant Textless. Secret Wars 1 Wizard World ComicConBox Variant.

Secret Wars Vol 1

Кроссовер объединил в себе такие серии как The Amazing Spider-Man ; [3] Avengers ; [4] Captain America ; [5] Hulk ; [6] Iron Man ; [7] The Thing ; [8] Fantastic Four ; [9] Marvel Team-Up ; [10] Thor [11] и Uncanny X-Men [12]. Архивировано 22 августа года. Once the dusk had fallen, Doom tasked Valeria to use the resources of the Foundation to find the interlopers who had been scattered across the world, denying to provide any more information than that.

Black Panther Follow the History of the Black Panther Pt.

Просмотры Читать Текущая версия Править Править вики-текст История. Sheriff Strange traveled to Utopolis , to investigate the life raft and the death of the Old Thor.

Three weeks later, Battleworld was in disarray, with disorder having escalated into open rebellion in several kigdoms, with somebody called "the Prophet" forming an army against Doom, Victor would later order some of his most loyal Barons to deal with the threat of the Prophet. To prevent Doom from prejudicially acting upon the interlopers, Stephen used his magic to teleport them away.

Shortly after Doom was informed of the conflict against the Cabal, Strange and the heroes from Earth stepped in and turned the tide of the battle in favor of the Thor Corps. The Spider-Men encountered Valeria, who chose not to go with them due to her worry that, she would be not be capable of facing what would happen if she found the truth behind her father.

Back to title selection: The fleet arrived to the incursion point, the Manhattan of Earth and started firing at it.

Secret Wars (2015)

Games Movies TV Wikis. Secret Wars 1 Zdarsky Variant Textless. His plan is cut short as the Molecule Man sliced him and freed Mr.