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Preacher: Book 2

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In the continuing saga of the bizarre adventures of faithless Texas preacher Jesse Custer, Jesse, along with his girlfriend Tulip, and their friend Cassidy, the Irish vampire, head west to a party of Babylonian proportions. Then, Jesse heads for France to rescue Cassidy from the clutches of religious fanatics. His search leads him into a no-holds-barred battle against the forces of the mysterious organization known as The Grail. Also told here is the story of how Cassidy became a vampire...

Publisher Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond Cover Artists Glenn Fabry Writers Garth Ennis Pencilers Steve Dillon Inkers Steve Dillon Colourists Matt Hollingsworth Letterers Clem Robins. See all buying options. Quotes from Preacher, Book 2.

Absolute Preacher Vol. 2 Overview

Published 6 months ago by J. Fan Feed More DC Database 1 Black Manta New Earth 2 Wonder Woman Diana Prince 3 Batman Bruce Wayne. So what else happens, as a contrast, in this volume? Volume 2 of Preacher picks up right where the first volume left off and, admittedly, my interest waned a bit in the beginning.

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View all 7 comments. In this new hardcover volume collecting PREACHER , Jesse Custer, along with his girlfriend Tulip and their Irish vampire friend Cassidy, head west to a party of Babylonian proportions. I cannot recommend this highly enough, unless you are uptight about blasphemy--then are you are gonna want to keep walking.

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Изучение иностранных языков с помощью книг. THE STORY OF YOU-KNOW-WHO and PREACHER SPECIAL: THE GOOD OLD BOYS, starring Starr, Arseface, and Jody and T.

He does realistic drawings of characters for the cover art. Jesse flies to Fr This is one blasphemous, profane and violent revenge story worthy of Sam Peckinpah or Quentin Tarrantino, but at the heart of it, the thing that makes it work, is three good guys, Jesse, his girlfriend Tulip, and his best friend, Irish vampire Cassidy, three good people on a quest, supporting each other as friends.