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Batman: Arkham Asylum Living Hell Deluxe Edition

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ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL examines the dark underbelly of Gothams notorious House of Madness! Warren White, one of Gothams most successful financiers, thought he could beat his jail rap by pleading insanity. Now hes finding out why you dont cop an insanity plea in Gotham! Expect appearances by Batman, The Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and the rest of Arkhams regulars - plus the debut of several new Rogues!

This new deluxe edition collects the miniseries in hardcover for...

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It might seem a little hypocritical that the Joker, of all people, considers a loan shark to be a bigger evil than himself, but the hatred is palpable, and White needs to find allies on the inside if he hopes to survive against the menagerie of varied and powerful Batman villains.

This was still really enjoyable though for any Arkham Asylum fan:

The story shifts from being about this new lame villain to being about this otherworldly incident. What I found to be especially interesting and fresh about this story is that Batman is a very background character making only a few short appearances. Arkham Asylum Living Hell Deluxe Edition","DetailLevel": A Serious House on Serious Earth, which vilified actual mental health and perceived as mental health issues to the point of being incredulous and disgusting.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Living Hell Deluxe Edition

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Essentially a series of shorts following several of the inmates at Arkham. When he "recovers", the justice seeking Harvey Dent that the people of Gotham once looked up to is gone, replaced by a homicidal maniac out for revenge.

Новая, непрочитанная, неиспользованная книга в отличном состоянии без отсутствующих или поврежденных страниц. Most of the famous villains make little cameo appearances but the focus is more on not-so-well known villains or ones created just for this volume.

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The focus of the story is on the people inside the Asylum, not on how Batman gets them in there.

Struggling with his newly acquired dark nature and desire to kill, Batman must choose between the preservation of his own soul and the survival of Gotham. AusPost Registered Post International Parcel.

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Подробнее o состоянии Description. Or cast him as just as cruel as the creatures he was chucking in Arkham.

And it does start out very interesting but then it gets confusing and ends up to be very muddled as The Demon comes in to help solve some demonic hi-jinx that an inmate gets up to. The biggest chunk of the plot follows Warren White, the man who will come to be known as the Great White Shark. This volume also includes stories from Gotham Knights 23 and 33, and Solo 1 and 5.